"Another Boy" Features on Atlanta Internet Radio!

Nov 11-

For the next 30 days, Ria Adams' debut hit single "Another Boy", will be in the NLD Solutions"The Grind Show" heavy rotation!!

NLD Solutions is an internet radio station based bin Atlanta, GA, The station features many up and coming and independent hip hop and r&b artists.

"Another Boy" will be played on their daily program, "The Grind Show".

*REGROT 6pm-7pm 

How to tune in:

3 ways to listen 
#1 You can listen at www.nldsolutions.com 
#2 Tunein.com: http://tunein.com/radio/NLD-Radio-s176785/ 
#3 518-600-7054 

Click on the link below, to visit the NLD Solutions website:



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